SUPPLY MARINE has been improved to develop a business model that serves their clients in the most different needs, in relation to the HVAC-R Systems and Equipment, from the Principle to the Maintenance.


SUPPLY MARINE offer solution on the equipment and systems maintenance of from a qualified physical structure and qualified human resources, with long experience in the field. We offer “on demand’ solutions and through “Contracts” that can be adapted to the client’s needs.

SUPPLY MARINE works at 24/7 and has strategic stock of Equipment & Components, to provide their customers a better safety on the operation.

We offer a wide range of solutions on Systems maintenance & HVAC-R equipment, such as:

• Thermal balance;

• Commissioning;

• Pressure and Temperature Control on the Machine Rooms;

• Temperature Control of the HVAC-R systems of the accommodations;

• Ducts cleaning and Air Analyses;

• Corrective, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance;

• Modification, Upgrade & Conversion;

• Vibrations and Noise Reduction;

• Retrofit;

• Monitoring & Inspection;

• Training.

Compressor Overhauling

The Compressors remanufacturing is a solution that offers a significant cost benefit, once it gives the equipment reliability for a more reasonable price.

The company has a specialized team and a qualified physical structure, including “Assembly and Testing Laboratory”, where we perform the compressors remanufacturing since its inspection to the performance test which is done at a “Test bench”.


The Company is compromised with the solutions development, either for projects and development of customized systems and equipment, offering a reliable and effective solution to our clients. With a multidisciplinary team and a large experience on HVAC-R , SUPPLY MARINE is capable to offer System and Equipments projects.

Our team is also able to execute “Commissioning & start-up” procedures in order to ensure that the systems and equipment operate in accordance with the performance standards required by the customers.

• Systems project

• Equipment project

• Electrical project

• Modification Project

• ducts Project

• Construction Details;

• Heat Load Analysis

• Exposure-proof equipment




To maintain safety and reliability in operation, SUPPLY MARINE has an extensive stock of equipment & parts with the aim of providing a quick response the needs of its customers. In addition, the company has extensive networking of domestic and foreign suppliers, adding more efficiency to its supply chain. supplies.

SUPPLY MARINE is able to offer a variety of equipment and parts, including special equipment such as:

• Alternative Compressors;

• Screw Compressors;

• Hermetic and Semi-Hermetic Compressors;

• Condensation and Evaporator Streamers;

• Compact Systems - Rooftop, Wall and Skid;

• Condensing Units;

• Refrigerating chamber;

• Air Conditioners: Chiller, Fan Coil, Self Contained and Split;

• Ducts, Dampers and Accessories;

• Fans and Exhaust Hoods;

• Thermal insulation.

Duct Cleaning and Air Analysis

Due to the presence of bacteria that colonize the air conditioners, dirty Ducts (or not well cleaned) may cause serious or even fatal diseases.

SUPPLY MARINE has a specialized team and own equipment to execute the cleaning and sanitization of Air Conditioner Ducts, in addition to working together with specialized laboratories that are registering with ANVISA, offering a high reliability solution, ensuring the health and welfare of our clients.

Commissioning & Start-up

Our team is able to ensure that equipment and systems work according to performance standards required by customers. We carry out the commissioning including: Startup, tests and adjustments of all equipment, including:

• Measurement and Adjustments - Flow of water and air;

• Start-up and testing equipment;

• Start-up and Dampers Control Fire-extinguishing, adjustment and adjustments of Dampers;

• Start-up and Control of all components of automatic regulation and safety items;

• Start-up and Control of all equipment of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Refrigerating Chamber;

• Technical Report of any procedure including all measured parameters.

SUPPLY MARINE is also available to manufacturers who need to perform the "Commissioning & Startup" of their HVAC-R equipment and systems in Brazilian territory.

Automation & Electric

Through a qualified structure and team of professionals with multidisciplinary specialization, SUPPLY MARINE offers Automation, Electrical & Instrumentation solutions such as:

• Fabrication of Electrical Control Panel;

• Supply of Electrical components;

• Frequency Inverters and Converters;

• Transformers in general;

• Control and Safety Systems;

• Alternating and Continuous current motors;

• System Configuration;

• Lighting System - Maintenance & Installation;

Other Services

Considering its business structure, SUPPLY MARINE is able to provide sulutions such as:


• Maintenance & Repair of Pumps, Actuators, Planetary gearbox, Motors, Valves and componentes;

• Alignment, Replacement and Repair of Rotary equipment;

• Maintenance & Repair of Static equipment;

• Preventive Maintenance Plan for onshore equipment;

• Motors Alignment and Balancing;

• Equipment and Component Rental;

• Spare-parts supply;


• Manufacture and Recovery of parts & accessories; br/>

Calibration & Instrumentation

• Instrument Calibration;

• Vibration Analysis;

• Thermographic Analysis;


SUPPLY MARINE provides trainings “on demand “ according to the client’s needs. The trainings are held at our unit located in Rio de Janeiro (RJ) where we have a training room and an equipped workshop.